Speed up your metabolism with these foods
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    Surprisingly, those with multiple sclerosis and women over the age of 50 share a similar problem. It's common knowledge that metabolism slows significantly for women over 50, leaving us feeling tired. Similarly, those with MS suffer from severe fatigue. As a MS sufferer and having passed the half-century mark, I know fatigue with a slowing metabolism first hand. Fried after five, I know well.

    Since fatigue and loss of energy are common for both groups, it seems logical that foods recommended for those with MS would also benefit women over 50. Through trial and error during my many years with MS, constant research, and with advice from my doctors, I have come up with a diet that works well for me. I believe it can help others as well.

    What foods speed up metabolism and relieve fatigue?

    Eating the typical three full meals each day slows our metabolism to a crawl. During the time it takes to process the meal, we may feel tired. Then, we get a burst of energy, but it wanes in between meals. So, what can we do about it? We can break this cycle with protein rich food and healthy snacks heavy on B vitamins, and magnesium.

    Give me a "B"!

    Foods high in B vitamins assist the body to perform as it should. This is especially true for the central nervous system, which is of concern for those with MS. In fact, when I was first diagnosed with MS, I was so fatigued I had vitamin B shots once a week. Now, I just fortify myself with foods rich in it, like broccoli, asparagus, roasted soy nuts, and melon.

    Magnesium rhymes with gymnasium and more.

    When my doctor suggested increasing my magnesium intake years ago, I knew little of why that would be so important. As I found out, this mineral is essential for many of our body's daily operations, one of which is maintaining our energy level. In fact, when my levels are low, I crash. Thankfully, many of my favorite foods contain a healthy dose of the stuff, such as edamame, green leafy vegetables, nuts, peanut butter, and whole grains. Fish, especially halibut, is swimming in it. So, on the plate it goes.

    Fight back with protein!

    Since protein is a part of our cellular makeup and is used to build and maintain tissue cell, it is essential to include healthy sources in our diet. It actually breaks down very slowly and the effects last much longer compared to other foods, which makes it an excellent energy source. Healthy sources of protein such as chicken and salmon fill my dinner plate. Whereas, oatmeal adorned with cinnamon and blueberries is my favorite breakfast, offering me protein, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

    Don't forget the healthy snacks!

    We can snack our way to a healthy body and a boosted metabolism. Nevertheless, we should do it correctly, remembering to include foods with protein, B vitamins, and magnesium. In addition, we need to remember that these are snacks, not meals, which makes portion control imperative. 

    For snacks, I dip the above-mentioned veggies in a small amount of hummus, which is high in protein. My favorites also include peanut butter on a slice of apple, grapes, hard-boiled egg, and whole-wheat toast with cinnamon.

    Is that all?

    Beyond the foods mentioned, it is best for both MS sufferers and women over fifty to drink plenty of water and green tea, and get plenty of rest.

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