Spa pedicure precautions for diabetics
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    Having a pedicure is a great way to relax and pamper yourself. One of my best friends, a diabetic, recently told me about the extra precautions that she must take with pedicures due to her condition. I had never considered diabetes impacting foot care, but it made perfect sense. Individuals with diabetes can be more susceptible to wounds or infections of the feet. If a spa does not properly sterilize the pedicure area, they are more likely to get infected by bacteria or fungus. It is important for anyone with diabetes to understand the hygiene standards used by the salon and to communicate the special needs of their foot care needs to the nail technician.

    Communicate Your Condition

    The most important thing is to express that you suffer from diabetes to the nail technician. They will be more receptive of your questions and accommodating to your special requests during your pedicure appointment. This will open a dialog to create a more satisfying experience for your well-deserving feet. The nail technician will also know to handle your feet with extra care during any grooming to your nails or filing your heels and callouses. The skin of a diabetic can be more fragile, leading to easy tearing. A little extra caution will go a long way to keeping your skin healthy.

    If you have any loss of sensation due to neuropathy, make sure to communicate this. Water temperature or pressure during the massage portion of the pedicure may have to be modified to accommodate your sensitive feet. Make sure to test water temperature with your hand or body part that has not been compromised with neuropathy before placing your feet in the basin. Let the technician know if any portion of the pedicure experience is uncomfortable right away. 

    Spa Hygiene

    A wealth of areas could put a diabetic's feet at risk during a pedicure. Make sure that the pedicure spa basin and tools are properly sanitized between each client. Poor hygiene practices can leave you at risk not only for toe fungus, but bacterial infections. To reduce your risk further, do not shave your legs for two days before getting a spa pedicure. This will decrease the chance of a small nick allowing a bacteria into the skin. 

    Know When Not to Get A Pedicure

    There are times when a diabetic should skip the spa. If your skin integrity has already been compromised by an infection or wound, do not take the risk of contamination by having a spa pedicure. Also, if your blood sugar is currently unstable, it may be best to wait until it has stabilized in order to take the risk of a pedicure. Foot complications can become serious, so take all precautions to have happy, healthy feet.

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