How to find my computer running 64 bit or 32 bit version of windows
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    How to find my computer running 64 bit or 32 bit version of Windows

    If someone asks you a simple question which version of Windows you are using, if you are not a computer geek, this question will surely surprise you. But, do not worry, in this topic, you will come to know what is the 32-bit version and 64-bit version of Windows.

     First, with simple and conclusive words, I want to wrap up the discussion what is 32 BIT version of Windows, it refers to the CPU of the computer which handles all the information. If you are using the 64-bit version, meaning you are more secure, more safe and quick, this means your machine is more reliable. If you are using 32-bit version this means you are using an old machine, or you did not correctly or unknowingly installed 32-bit version of Windows.


    How to determine the version of Windows?

    This is the simplest question anyone asked me about which version of Windows I am using, on a lighter note you can say it a dumb question.

    Windows XP

    There is no point of asking the version of Windows in Windows XP, this only support the 32 bit CPU, if you want to see with your eyes, you can click on start button, then right click on My Computer and click on Properties. A new screen will appear there, under the general tab you would see the Microsoft Windows XP, and XP only supports 32 bit CPU.

    Windows 7

    Windows 7 was the commercially most successful launch by Microsoft after Windows XP. If you are running Windows 7, the process of checking the version of Windows is same like in XP. Click on Start menu, right click on your computer, then click properties, a new screen will appear, and in system type, you would see the bit operating system you are using. I have given an image which will lead you to the right way.

    32 bit 64 bit window

    Windows 8

    In windows 8 you can check the version of windows by opening control panel, then click on system, you will see system type and ahead of this will be a version of operating system either it is 32bit or 64 bit.

    Windows 10

    In windows, 10 open setting then head to System Click on about. You will see the version windows and operating system there. This version of Windows also shows, you are capable of using the 64-bit version of the windows and you are not using it.

    Do you have 64 bit supported PC?


    To spell the bean of this discussion, I want to ask you either your computer has the ability to run 64-bit version of Computer, I am not asking a version of Windows, I am asking about your computer's CPU. To check this either your computer is capable of handling the 64-bit operating system or not, follow these steps.

    Click on Start menu in Windows operating system, then click on all programs>accessories folder then system folder, and under this system folder, click on system information option. A new screen will appear there, as mentioned below


    32 bit 64bit window find window is 32 bit or 64 bit find window in 32 ot 64 bit find widow 32 or 64 bit find window in 32 bit or 64 bit

    On system summary folder, on the right side of the windows, you will see all information regarding your system; you can check all properties of your system, CPU, Ram, Hard disk, BIOS, Model and etc. On the right side of System type, you will x64-based PC or x32-based PC. 64 based PC means you are able to install the 64-bit version of Windows and in another case, you are not.


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