How to enable usb debugging in your phone
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    How to enable USB debugging in your phone

    For most of the Android users, it would be a new thing to learn and read about USB debugging. If you are flashing your Android phone or updating its firmware, this is the primary connection to facilitate a mobile connection with Computer. This not only helps you to root your android device but also manage to send some important commands to your android phone as well. In simple words, by enabling USB debugging you can communicate your device whenever you want.

    Anyhow, when you buy a new mobile device, this option by default remains to disable, there is the option if you make this enable all the time, someone could install some malware or your privacy would be at the risk. So, when you are using this option make this enable and after that do not forget to disable the option. You can manually enable debugging option, for different android version there is a different pattern of enabling. We would like to walk through you with this topic, to guide you how to enable USB debugging on your android phone.

    Enable developer option in older version of Android:

    Developer option is the most useful and most risky option at the same time; one can access your mobile phone by using a PC and monitor you. If you are Installing ROM or updating your firmware you need to enable USB debugging first, then you would be able to do any further task. So, first you will enable developer option, and then you will enable USB debugging. You can do the further task by enabling developer option like monitoring your CPU usage on screen or checking bugs reports on screen.

    About in all different version of Android has developer option visible, you need to follow these step to developer option.

    Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging

    In the older version of Android, there is little difference

    Settings>Applications> Developer> USB Debugging

    Enabling developer option in Android 4.1, 4.2 onward versions

    By seeing some bad use of this option by some hackers, in Android 4.1, 4.2 this option by default has been hidden. Now you need to follow some lengthy steps to enable developer option

    First, open setting >about on your Android version 4.2

    how to enable usb debugger

    Now scroll down and find a build number of your Android as mentioned in the image


    how to enable usb debugging

    Then tap 7 times on this build number

    After completing the taping, there will be an option you are developer now

    enable usb debugging

    Now go back to your setting menu in the main setting

    Scroll down, now you will see developer option, check the USB debugging enable

    enable usb debugging

    After using your connection with computer, you can uncheck the option to disable USB debugging

    usb debuggin in android


    In every mobile phone which you are using, there might be a little difference, like in HTC mobile phone which has Android 4.2.2 version, you need to go in setting>about>software information> more.

    After that, there will be build number and repeat the process of taping it seven times, and again there will be the option of you is a developer now.

    Most of the time, the developer option is used by developer those who are coding applications, this does not mean one no developer cannot take benefit from this option, you can do whatever you want to do like rooting or flashing etc., But do not forget to disable the option after using.

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