Difference between modem and router
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    Difference between Modem and Router: A detailed Guide

    If you are using the internet for quite a long time, you would have known the terms Modem, router. Most of the people who do not know technical things often confused both the two. Basically, these are both different things and directly related to your Internet connection, if you are curious to know about Modem and Router, then stick in here, do not rush around and read the full article.

    What is a Modem?

    In a technical language, a modem is a device that transmits and receives signals from your telephones lines, which can be used to connect with one computer or for entire home network computers.

    moden or router

    In simple words we can say, a modem is a device, which is used to connect your internet, if you got a modem in your house, you can directly connect your internet with just one computer. Basically, a modem is a device that is giving you the internet, while it connected with one side to a telephone line and another side with your computer. With a modem, you cannot connect your all computers available in your home or different computers with WI-FI. This device takes the Analog Signals and changes into Digital signals which your computer can understand.

    What is a Router?

    So, if you need to connect your all computers, available at your home, or you want to connect your friend's laptop over your internet, what should you do? Because you are not able to connect more than one computer over a modem, just one device can use the internet.

    Modem or Router

    For, that purpose, there is another device, that is Router, you can connect more than one computers by using this device. It also connects computers over WI-FI and Ethernet or with a cable as well. So, what you did you bring that one cable which was previously connected to your one computer and connect to your routers? Then pretty straight, the router will connect your entire device, which you want to connect.

    Difference between Modem and Router

    So, for a modem, you can say, the first contact for the internet that comes to your home or Office. The Modem connects the internet provided by the internet Services provider to your home's computer.

    Router Modem

    And for Router, in simple words, you can say, a device that can allow your various devices to connect with the same internet connection. In old days, we had multiple Ethernet ports, which allow devices to connect with Local area network. But, now the people mostly use WI-FI, now multiple WI-FI connections can be added to the same internet network with Router.

    You should learn that the router should be connected to the modem to give internet connections.

    Can a modem be used as a router?

    In old days, the modem was only used to change Analog Signals to digital signals; we were not able to connect that with our computer to use the internet. But, now, the Modem is also being used as router and modem at the same time. You can connect more than one computer with a modem and same time; it is converting Analog signals to the digital signals.

    On the other hand, a router cannot give any network connection to any device without connecting to the modem.

    Home Network Setup

    I am going to describe our typical home network, how we use the internet at our home and offices.

    There would be wire wall mounted cable provided by your internet services. There will be a modem, provided by the internet provided; you need to connect that mounted cable to your modem. So, modem will get internet connection from that line

    Router Modem

    Then, there is use of Router, router take internet connection from a modem, and create a network over WI-FI or Local Area Network

    Now, your desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones devices can be connected to your internet, you can arrange some security to make it private, or can make it public.

    As I mentioned earlier, nowadays, there is some internet provider which are using modem and Router in only one device. So, there would be nothing different for you, they are making it for their own convenience, you would use the internet as you were using earlier before.


    If you do not want to read the entire article, and still want to get an idea about what is the difference between a modem and router, you should read the next few lines; I am going to conclude my all thought in some words.

    A modem can only connect one device; you can connect it to your computer or a router. Or you can say, a modem got two ports, one for connecting the Telephone line service provider cable and other for your home use. It only passes the data but changes into the signals which can be understood by computers.

    While a router is used to connect multiple devices, either with wired connection or WI-FI, a router cannot be connected to the internet without connecting to a modem. The router is dependent to the modem, but the modem is not.

    This was the little guide regarding Router and modem, hope you will understand the basic idea, as I said, I am not going to narrate technical things. It would be a simple and easy guide for not technical persons.



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