How to speed up your computer
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    How to speed up your Computer, a detailed guide

    It would be annoying to stare half of the time here and there instead of seeing your computer screen. More than often you desire to punch on your computer screen when it takes a much time to load something important, it could be disrespect for you if some of the colleagues are with you. Like me, does a question arise in your mind, "why all this happening to me, I have to bite the bullet to buy a new PC and still not working smooth? There might be more than one reason of this; this could be some hardware problem if your PC suddenly stops working. But, if this is happening gradually, day after day your PC is dying, and then you need to find the best solution for that.

    Though, Microsoft tried the best to speed up the loading and boot issue in Windows, and we have been seeing this from Windows XP>Vista>7>8>, and Now in Windows 10.Nowsly released Windows 10 got instant load and boot, you should seriously consider to switch on Windows 10. Regardless of all the efforts of Microsoft, if your PC is not working fine, you need to do as I am going to mention in next lines.

    How to speed up my computer?

    As I mentioned above, there may be more than one reason for slowing down your computer. If your RAM is not enough or you got little Cache memory, you should not use more than one or two programs simultaneously. If you got a Proper Sized RAM and Cache Memory and still you are encountering with slowing down the problem of your computer, then you need to follow some of the below mentioned steps.

    Delete all junk files

    When you use the internet and very often, you download videos and important documents and some applications as well. Before downloading and installation of these programs, the computer makes a cache of these programs. These all remain on your computer in the name of junk files. Your web browser saves all these in cookies, JavaScript and in History. Your third party software does the same; this all things remain in your computer's registry.

    I am not saying to delete it daily, but if all these are saving from a long time, it affects the speed of your computer. You can delete these junk and unnecessary files by using third party software or can delete them manually. Ccleaner is the best software to clean up your PC in no time. You can download and use it to make your Windows and your browser working fast.


    For manual deletion of these files, you need to press "Windows+R" and a run screen will be open there, you need to put "%temp%" and hit enter. You will see a long list of junk files delete all of them, some will remain there and will not delete, skip them. You will see your computer is working faster than before.

    But, Ccleaner will work fine for you, in my opinion, best cleaner to speed up your computer.


    Defragmentation of your hard drive:

    If you are using Windows 7 and older version, you need to think seriously about Defragmentation of your hard drivers. But, the question is what is defragging hard driver. When you copy and paste some data into your hard drive it writes on your hard drive and when you delete something, it will be deleted but the space created with that deletion will remain same. In this way when you will constantly copy and delete, it will difficult for the Windows to write it fast and to free available space. Though Windows got the built in program to defrag itself, in Windows 7 and older version, this is as not as efficient as it should be.

    If you are working with Windows 8 and later version, you should not worry regarding defragmentation. But, if you are copying some big data simultaneously and deleting all data, you should also use some tools to defrag your disks.

    There are dozens of tools available in the market, pick one and use it.



    Free up disk space:

    Freeing up disk spaces surely will help you in boosting the speed of your computer. You should run this process once in a week and delete dump files. You need to right click on your "Disk C" (A disk in which you have installed your OS). Click on properties and a new screen will be open there like shown in the image.

    how to speed up computer


    Click on the disk clean up, there will be clean up start there, and allow the process to be complete.

    how to speedup computer


    It will take sometimes to complete the task, then a new screen will open there, you need to click on all the left sides of windows, as mentioned in the image and delete them all.

    how to speed up


    After doing all this, now the next step of freeing up your disk space is right click on your hard drive in which you have installed your OS, click on properties and a new screen will be open, check in the option of "compress the drive to free up disk space". New windows will appear there, click on the option as mentioned in the image.

    speed up your computer


    When you will click OK, a new process will appear running, allow these by giving administration rights, it will take some minutes to complete the task. If there is a screen of accessing permissions then give the right to complete the task. After sometimes, you will see that there is some space has created on your hard drive. You need to do this one by one for all of your drives.

    Find who is taking your memory?

    You need to check which program is taking your all memory (in simple words energy) if you have opened a program which is very heavy, not bearable to your machine, and all the stuff is hanging out after some seconds, check the process and close it for the betterment of your machine. You can check this by right clicking on your task bar and click on start task manager, you will see different tabs there, click on the process and check which program is taking all of your machinery's work. End that process after finding it.

    how to speed up computer

    You need to click on services after checking up Process; there you will find a long list of all hidden enabled features of your computer. In all these, you would be using a few, and others are just a load for your Windows, you need to get rid of those useless services to make your computer working faster.

    Disable unnecessary start up program


    By default, there are some programs which started up when you log in to your device. Most of the users even do not know the programs which are taking all the resources all the time. You need to disable those starts up the program. In windows 8 you can disable all the startup by going in task manager and there is a separate tab of startup, but in Windows 7, in my opinion, you should use Ccleaner, in that also there is a tab of startup and the entire program will be shown there. By checking up there you can disable and enable some start-up. In this way, you can make your computer work smoother than before.


    Resolving System Problems

    Most of us even do not spend the time to look at action center, in most of the expert's opinion this is like a heart of one PC, you need to check it often, and if there is some notification of some kind of error you should take it seriously. Always try hard to resolve your entire system problem mentioned in the action center. This mere thing helps you a lot in making your system working fine. If there is an error of some kind of virus or malware, take it seriously and run your scanner and antivirus to find the malware in your system. If you did overlook this, it will suck all your hard drive and at one point you would have to change your hard drive, plus wasting of all your important data. So, once in a week, scan your entire computer, not a quick scan, it should be a thorough Scan

    Clean up your browser

    We spend most of our time on the internet, and we use the internet via our browsers, our browsers got a lot more important than ever before. Cleaning up your browser would be a sensible step in making your computer cooler and cleaner. First, you should disable all useless wallpapers you have installed in your browser's home page. Then check you're all shortcuts and bookmarks, do not delete those bookmarks which are important for you, but check all of them either they got importance or you just overlooking all bookmarks. Believe me they all are taking your memory and speed. Then your next step should be deleting all unnecessary and useless extension, you can do this by clicking on setting than my tools and extension. Delete all the extension which are not in your daily use, or at least make them disable if they are worth to use later.

    speed up your computer

     Delete all your cookies, delete all auto fill, and if auto fill does not have any importance for you make it disable. Delete all your browsing history. This will all be done in going in your setting > advanced setting > browsing history> clear browsing history > check all the option other than passwords, because by checking on this will lead you to delete all of your saved passwords. Check on Auto fills, cached data, download history, browsing history and on the upper side of the corner, check on beginning of the time and hit on clear browsing data. This will surely lead you making your browser lighter than before, and you will feel some kind of freshness and easiness while using this now. Do, it for all of your browsers, I just explained about most use browser Chrome you can check your own.


    Uninstall useless programs

    This can take a lot of your computer's memory to store and make it work to that program which is not actually in the list of your need. You need to check all the installed programs by going in Control Panel. Then click on Program and features then click on Uninstall or Change a program. There will be a complete list of Installed programs of your computer. You need to check each program one after other and analyze if this program is necessary for you. If not, then click on Uninstall button on the right side of the program. This uninstallation can be done one after one; you cannot install more than one program at the same time. So, click on the next program to uninstall after finishing uninstallation of the first program.

    how to speed up computer


    Reinstalling Operating system


    If you got stuck in a severe problem, and all the mentioned processes are not solving your problem and you did try at every inch to work it fine but all useless, then the last option we have is to install the operating system. In windows 8 and Windows 10 you got the option to install a fresh copy of Windows without of harming your single file, but in Windows 7 it would be time-consuming to make a copy and install windows online. So, our opinion is to install manually for Windows 7 users. Installing windows is not like repairing your computer, or you need some kind of expertise, you can watch some tutorial or follow the instruction mentioned while installing Windows. It is now like a piece of Cake.

    There may be some other tricks and tips to boosting up your PC speed, but all these are not out of the blue moon, you can use them, these all are simple and easy to use. One easily can make his/her computer working fine by following these methods. If you got any other method, different than above mentioned, let us know, we would like to appreciate your effort and happily edit our list with a new inclusion.

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